Our Support Center is entitled to help you with technical problems.

Before submitting a ticket, we recommend that you consult the Solutions where you may find the answer to your question.

Our ticketing system is case oriented. Please open new ticket with each type of issues or cases.

In general the more precisely you define the issue, the easier we can help you.

To make easier to present an issue we prepared a technical form that you have to fill out.
The following fields needed to be filled out:


From the drop down menu choose an option to define yourself.

Options: Customer, Distributor / Reseller, DEMO User, Customer with service contract


Enter your name.


Please enter a valid E-mail address. The system will use this E-mail address to notify you about the status of your tickets.


Type a title for your problem.

I.e.: Activation problem or Crash when trying to render


Choose the product that you have problem with.


Select the platform that you use on your computer or on your hand held device.


Enter your license number. Trial version users must enter word "DEMO".

Tickets from licensed users will obviously be given priority.

Resellers and Distributors should enter the license that is related to the actual case that they present.


Describe the problem in details.

Please note that the more precisely you tell about the problem the easier we can help you.

In case you face with a function failure or crashing event, please let us know about the steps to reproduce it.

Please don’t use this field to paste generic system reports.

You can also send us screenshots or videos that help understanding the problem.

In certain cases we need diagnostic documents too.

Please study the corresponding Solutions to learn how to collect these documents.