Before activating you have to fulfill the following circumstances:

  • You should have administrator rights to activate the product.
  • Disable temporarily the firewall on your computer
  • Disable temporarily the antivirus on your computer
  • Disable temporary UAC on your Windows 7 or on your Vista. After turning UAC off, please make sure that you restarted your computer.


If the trial period is finished, a dialog appears at the launch of Twinmotion 2018 suggesting you activate the software. Click Activate to enter a valid Serial Number. 

If you are still in the trial period and you'd like to activate your license, please go to the Help menu - License information, and enter a valid Serial Number to activate your license. 

*You can also choose "Demo" mode to continue testing Twinmotion. The Demo mode doesn't have Save and Export functions. 

Select Twinmotion 2018 and enter your Serial Number. Then click Activate

If the activate fails, please check your internet connection and double check your Serial Number.