Issue detected : After opening Twinmotion, the preview stays grey

Cause of the issue : The issue might be linked to the Display scaling on Windows or to the graphic card driver

How to solve it : 

- Display scaling :

    1. Close Twinmotion

    2. Do a right click on your desktop and click Display settings

    3. At the Scale and Layout, set the display scale to 100% (recommended)

    4. Restart your computer et relaunch Twinmotion

- Graphic card driver :

    1. Update your graphic card driver

    2. If it doesn't help, uninstall the driver

    3. Restart your computer

    4. Reinstall the last driver from the manufacturer's website

    5. Restart your computer et relaunch Twinmotion

    6. Make sure Twinmotion is using the graphic card in the settings of it